National Art Education Association Women's Caucus


Courtney Weida

These collaborative pieces drawn and painted by my daughter, Imogen, are inspired by the House-Tree-Person psychological assessment – with my embellishments and papercraft techniques offering a merging of my daughter’s concepts of home, environment, and figure with my own.

Deborah N Filbin

The girl I once was and the woman I have become create an ever-changing dialogue in my artwork about identity and sense of belonging. In my waking state I am conscious of my present self, however, my dreams and memories often force me to confront the ghosts of my past. By combining a variety of […]

Liz Langdon

These artworks are made from appropriated and repurposed ceramics studio leftovers and turkey bones, both bound to be buried forever in the trash heap of things that do not decompose. This is a statement about the resilience of alumina and silica, which creates framework, and the fragile aspects of life which show growth and beauty. […]

Darden Bradshaw

Time is construct, constraint, and content within my work. I love the consistency and comfort of time, yet, in my perceived acceptance I also struggle. 60 minutes can feel both a fleeting moment and an eternity. I have my head down and suddenly discover, a month has passed – or 22 years. In a similar […]

Erica Davis-Hernandez

Being a single mom of three teens, sexuality is a common topic. After several years of a casual focus on plein air watercolors, I began exploring the topic of genitalia, gender, and sexuality. Just like Hokusai’s 36 views of Mount Fuji, I am also creating a series of 36 but my landscape is the human […]

Amy Ruopp

My work with line and narrative has been a continuous thread of my story for years, resurfacing when I most need to make sense of my own story. My tangled line follows no path as each narrative unfolds, diffracting the reflection I have grown accustomed to. At first glance, these compositions read highly narrative, at […]

Joan L. Davidson

My paintings are inspired by the emotional qualities I sense in the experience I am communicating. As I work, I think about music and dance – how the variety of rhythms, movements and sounds are woven throughout the composition and how the forms, patterns, lines and colors dance within the canvas and speak for me. […]

2020 NAEA Women’s Caucus (WC) Award Ceremony

Dear NAEA Women’s Caucus Members: It was wonderfully reviving today, at a time of exponential challenges, to be part of the WC award ceremony. Check out the recording of the inspirational people at the NAEA Women’s Caucus (WC) award ceremony on March 27, 2020: The recording begins with the Kathy Connors teaching awardee nominator, Lisa Hochtritt’s introduction (0:00-9:33) […]

Collaboratively-Built Online Accessible Collective Bibliography-Making Event

INVITATION: Collaboratively-Built Online Accessible Collective Bibliography-Making Event Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019. 1-5PM EST Virtual location: Participants: Both members and non-members of NAEA WC Participation Duration: Participants may come and go as available! Zotero URL: Contact: Hyunji Kwon Karen Keifer-Boyd Download flyer Description: The purpose of the 4-hour virtual event is to […]

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