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Collaboratively-Built Online Accessible Collective Bibliography-Making Event

INVITATION: Collaboratively-Built Online Accessible Collective Bibliography-Making Event

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019. 1-5PM EST

Virtual location:

Participants: Both members and non-members of NAEA WC

Participation Duration: Participants may come and go as available!

Zotero URL:

Contact: Hyunji Kwon

                Karen Keifer-Boyd

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The purpose of the 4-hour virtual event is to build a collective bibliography together related to feminist art education. We will enter bibliographical data into Zotero, an app for user-generated group bibliographies. Zotero enables export of selected references as a formatted bibliography text file in recognized writing styles such as APA and MLA, or custom reference styles. By entering, tagging, annotating, storing, and sharing bibliographies of valuable research by feminist scholars, artists, activists, and art educators, including NAEA WC members and non-members, first, the visibility and publicity of feminist work is increased, and second, researchers can easily access and utilize historical and contemporaneous resources.

Types of Materials to Include in Relation to Feminist Art Education:

  • Journal articles 
  • Editorials 
  • Websites
  • Books & book chapters 
  • Organizations
  •  News articles
  • Videos 
  • Blogs

Folder Titles in Relation to Feminist Art Education:

  •  Feminisms: Black, Indigenous, postcolonial and decolonial, global, transnational, and intersectionality feminisms
  • Feminist Art
  •  Feminist Curating
  • Posthuman Feminist
  • Museology
  • Museum Pedagogies
  • Critical Race
  • Pedagogies
  • Feminist Pedagogies
  • Girl Studies
  • Transgender Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Masculinity Studies
  • Feminist Disability Studies
  • Feminist New Materialism Studies
  • Feminist Visual Culture Studies
  • Feminist Environmental Studies
  • Trauma & Healing
  • Feminist New Media
  • Feminist Cyberformance
  • Gender Performativity
  • Feminist Mapping
Collaboratively-Built Online Accessible Collective Bibliography-Making Event
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