National Art Education Association Women's Caucus



The NAEA’s Women’s Caucus (NAEA WC) shall represent and work to advance art education as an advocate of equity for women and all people who encounter injustice, and shall work to eliminate discriminatory gender and other stereotyping practices for individuals and groups, and for the concerns of women art educators and artists.

My leadership style is based in participatory democracy, and involves collaboration and listening to different perspectives. I am empathetic and sensitive to injustices and speak out or work to figure out a way to change a negative situation. . . . I seek win‐win approaches in which power is revealed, negotiated, and shared. I care about others and help others to identify and achieve their potential.
By mentoring and collaborating with future generations of feminist leaders, including those from a diversity of cultural, economic, and gender backgrounds, I believe positive changes can be made for all art educators in a variety of educational contexts that will impact those they teach and nurture.
I am a proud member because the WC works toward equity for people of all genders, races, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, classes, religious affiliations, and other intersections of lived experiences at all levels and spaces of the art education field (and beyond).
Kevin Jenkins, PhD
Co-President, 2020-2022
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