The NAEA Women’s Caucus exists to eradicate gender discrimination in all areas of art education, to support women art educators in their professional endeavors and to educate the general public about the contributions of women in the arts.

Message from the WC Presidents

As our WC co-presidency comes to a close with the completion of NAEA 2016 in Chicago, we look back on the last two years with gladness and much gratitude. 

It has been an honor to serve in the Women’s Caucus and work with such a talented, committed, and dynamic Board. We will continue to serve as past-presidents on the Board with Linda Hoeptner Poling as president. 

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our Board and the energy and talents of our members, we have planned another exciting program of WC NAEA events and sessions that advance our mission, and that include:

  • numerous presentations by members

  • themed business meetings (and this year about feminist leadership)

  • an awards ceremony that celebrates the teaching, research and service achievements of our members

  • a breakfast session with guest speaker, Anne Elizabeth Moore that highlights the work of a unique Chicago-based artist

  • an art exhibit session that celebrates the artistic works of our members (organized by Elizabeth Garber and Catherine Chen)

  • an engaging Lobby Activism Session (organized by Karen Keifer-Boyd and WC board members) on the topic of leadership

All of these opportunities allow us to collectively convene to educate, plan, act on and advocate for current and future initiatives, share and network, mentor, learn, and celebrate. 

In the past two years, we have an updated our WC website, thanks to our past and current webmasters (Manisha Sharma and Christine Liao) and with a forthcoming Featured Members page. On our website, you will find many documents and information relative to the history of the WC as well as information for members and prospective members about our current events, awards, and ongoing projects. 

One ongoing project is the IArt exhibition, (organized by Jennifer Motter). Members are encouraged to submit entries and posts will be on the WC blog https://naeawcvoices.wordpress.com

We look forward to seeing you at NAEA in Chicago and at our WC sponsored events. 

To all our WC presenters, thank you all for sharing your expertise and experiences. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and memorable conference in Chicago!

Sheri Klein & Jennifer Motter

Congratulations to our Women’s Caucus Members

Lisa Kay, recipient of the 2016 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Very Special Arts, Peter J. Geisser Special Needs Art Educator of the Year, from the Special Needs in Art Education (SNAE) Issues Group/NAEA

Heather Fountain, recipient of the 2016 National Higher Educator Award, NAEA.

Congratulations to 2016 Women's Caucus Award Recipients

Kathy Connors: Pamela Taylor
Mary Rouse: Michelle-Bae Dimitriadis
June K. McFee: Debbie Smith-Shank
Maryl Fletcher de Jong: Read M. Diket
Carrie Nordlund: Patty Bode


2015 Women’s Caucus iArt Online Exhibit

Update: The iArt Online Exhibit will now be an ongoing project with no submission deadline! Artwork will be posted at the NAEA WC blog (https://naeawcvoices.wordpress.com) as it is received. Thank you to those who have already contributed their iArt!

How are you using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Androids to create images and photographs and/or to conduct visual research? What apps are you using? With the wide number of apps available for creating digital photos, drawings, and paintings, this online exhibit is devoted to iArt and the possibilities of combining art+design+culture+social issues+autobiography+technology.

Submitted works will be posted on the Women’s Caucus blog https://naeawcvoices.wordpress.com). Images must address the theme and minimum image resolution (72 dpi) for online posting.

Entry: This is a non-juried exhibit open to any current WC member.


1. You need to be a current member of the NAEA Women’s Caucus. If you are not, you may join the Women’s Caucus: http://www.arteducators.org/community/membership; select “renew” or “join” and follow the steps.
2. You will need a gmail account. If you have a gmail account, please proceed to step three. To create a “gmail” email account, go to http://mail.google.com/ and select “gmail” on the top right to follow the steps to set up the account.
3. From your gmail account, send a message to Jennifer Motter at jennifer.motter@gmail.com with your name and a request to submit to the iArtExhibit. You will receive a return email invitation to submit artwork.
4. In the invitation email, click on the link “Add photos.” Then, select or drag 1-3 jpeg image(s) of 72 dpi or higher resolution to upload to the album.
5. Next, click the “Add a caption” button beneath the photo and type your: artist name, artwork title, date completed, media/device used, and size.Also, include a brief artist statement. Discuss the content related to the theme iArt. Tell us about your device use and apps. Text should be limited to 150 words (or 1024 characters). Finally, click the “Save Caption” button.

Ongoing exhibit: No submission deadline
Direct questions to: Jennifer Motter at jennifer.motter@gmail.com