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Congratulations to the recipients of the Women's Caucus Awards 2014.

Women's Caucus Award Nominations 2014

The Women's Caucus seeks nominations for outstanding individuals for the 2014 Women's Caucus annual Kathy Connors, Carrie Nordlund, Mary Rouse, June King McFee, and Maryl de Jong Awards. Any NAEA member whose work meets our award criteria is eligible for these awards. Nominations are due to the chairs of our respective award committees by November 15, 2013. Award criteria along with award chairs names and email addresses are available on our WC awards webpage at

To nominate an individual for an award to be given at the next NAEA Annual Convention visit the following link for award descriptions and award chair contact information.

The Women's Caucus Exhibition 2014: Fusion

Members of the NAEA Women's Caucus are invited to submit entries for the 2014 Women's Caucus Exhibition, "Fusion."

Fusion is energy, coming together, creating sparks. It refers to ideas, cultures, art media, music, chemistry, physics, food.

Entries are due to the Women's Caucus 2014 Picassa website no later than December 1, 2013.

To upload images:
1. Please make sure that your Women's Caucus membership is current, or that you join WC before you submit. You may renew or join by visiting, clicking on "join," and scrolling down to and clicking on the Women's Caucus logo (please follow directions from there).
2. You need a Gmail address to submit. Please send your Gmail address to Elizabeth Garber at
3. Wait to receive an invitation email to submit photos.

The Women's Caucus Postcard project III:

All NAEA Women's Caucus members are invited to further reflect on our conversation about gender and violence started at the 2013 NAEA Women's Caucus lobby session. For more information see the attached call.


The Women's Caucus SCHEDULE FOR NAEA CONFERENCE 2013 is now available on the CONFERENCE page of this website. CLICK HERE to go there now.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Women's Caucus Exhibition Catalog 2013.

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2013 NAEA Women's CaucusJuried Exhibition: Drawing Connections

The NAEA Women's Caucus is continuing its rich tradition of exhibiting member's works of art at the 2013 NAEA National Convention. Women's Caucus members are called to submit works of art relevant to the conference theme of "Drawing Community [and other] Connections." Works of art are to be digitally submitted by December 1, 2012 for a juried process.

Artists of accepted works will be invited to speak about their art at the 2013 NAEA Convention. Accepted works of art will be included in an exhibition catalogue disseminated at the 2013 NAEA Convention's WC sessions.

To submit works of art to be juried, the artist should be a member of the Women's Caucus. To become a Women's Caucus member, see: (Click on "BECOME A MEMBER" at the bottom of the page). Women Caucus members may apply to the 2013 NAEA Women's Caucus Exhibition: Drawing Connections, by submitting the following:

1. You need to be a current member of the NAEA Women's Caucus. If you are not, please visit Click on "BECOME A MEMBER" at the bottom of the page)

2. You will need a gmail account. If you have a gmail account, please proceed to step 3. To create a "gmail" email account, go to

3. From your gmail account, send a message to with your name and a request to submit to the exhibition. You will receive a return email invitation to submit artwork.

4. In the invitation email, click on the link "Add photos." Upload 1-3 jpeg images of 300 dpi resolution by dragging them from their location on your home computer to the window on Picassa titled "Drag photos here." Alternatively, you may click on
Select photos from your computer" and add them.

5. To add text information, click on the photo and then click on "Add a caption" beneath the photo. Text information must include:

a. Artist name

b. Artwork title and date completed

c. Media and size

d. For the first image, add an artist statement discussing the content related to the theme "Drawing Community [and other] Connections." Your text needs to be limited to 150 words (or 1024 characters).

UPLOAD DEADLINE: December 1, 2012

Questions can be directed to: Elizabeth Garber at


Please send nominations to Elizabeth Garber by November 15, 2012.

The Women's Caucus selects a speaker for the WC Breakfast and we would love your suggestions. The 2013 WC BYOB (bring your own breakfast) will be on March 10 (Sunday, 7:30-9:00 a.m.) in Fort Worth, TX. We also ask that the artist speaker serves as juror for the work submitted for the annual WC exhibition (this is all done online with reproductions and statements), and write a juror's statement for the exhibition catalog. Click here to see the past 4 years of exhibition catalogs.

We would like to give all WC members an opportunity to nominate an artist who will be in the Fort Worth, TX vicinity on March 10, 2013.

We have a budget of just $350 as honorarium so please check with the artist on her willingness and interest given the small honorarium and time commitment. Please send nominations of artist with a brief description about the artist in relationship to the WC mission by November 15, 2012. Click here for the WC mission. Send your nomination to the WC Exhibition Coordinator, Elizabeth Garber,

2013 NAEA Women's Caucus Award NOMINATIONS Due Nov. 15, 2012!

HONOR OTHERS: Take a moment to think about someone who is an outstanding art educator who consistently inspires and mentors students in a cooperative, collegial, collaborative, and nurturing manner. Or, who has provided noteworthy service contributions to art education as an advocate of equity for women and all people who encounter injustice. This individual contributes outstanding service of community, state, national, or international significance that contributes to eliminating discriminatory gender and other stereotyping practices for individuals and groups. Who comes to mind when you think of someone who has made distinguished contributions to the profession of art education? Do you know someone who has made a special effort to incorporate feminist pedagogy into her or his pre-K-12 teaching? If you know someone that you would like to see honored, please send nominations by Nov. 15, 2012 to the chairs of the five different award committees listed at

Congratulations 2012 NAEA Women's Caucus Award Recipients!

• June King McFee Awardee: Kit Grauer
• Maryl Fletcher de Jong Service Award: Ruth Stuart Starratt
• Carrie Nordlund Pre-K-12 Feminist Pedagogy Awardee: Maria Elena Botello Mogas
• Kathy Connors Teaching Awardee 2011: Patricia M. Amburgy

Annual Awards Event: Introduced by nominators, the Women's Caucus Award recipients present their work in relation to the award criteria at the NAEA WC Award event. This special evening at the NAEA Convention honors outstanding people, who in their teaching, research, and service support the mission of the Women's Caucus to eradicate gender discrimination in all areas of art education, to support women art educators in their professional endeavors, and to educate the general public about the contributions of women in the arts. Click here for Award Acceptance Speeches linked to each name in the lists of awardees.

The NAEA Women's Caucus works to recognize and support women artists. The WC exhibition supports your work as artist. The WC Breakfast speaker program introduces us to women artists working today in different geographical areas wherever the NAEA Convention is held that year.

2013 Artwork Entries Due November 1, 2012.
Contact Elizabeth Garber for details.

CREATE ART FOR THE 2013 WC EXHIBITION: Nourish yourself with creative activity as a visual form of inquiry through artmaking. Send 1-3 images of your artwork for juried selection for exhibition at NAEA in Fort Worth, Texas in March 2013. See for past years' exhibition catalogs and further information on submitting work to the Women's Caucus annual exhibition. WC will continue the online process for submission of artworks, and for the juror to review the submissions for inclusion in the 2013 WC exhibition. The selected artworks will also be shown at an NAEA session with artists speaking about their work. Selected works are published in an online and print-based exhibition catalog, which is provided to WC members along with the print-based President's Annual Report.

Visual Culture & Gender

Visual Culture & Gender Journal: Call for papers. Due September 15. Visual Culture & Gender (VCG) is an international, freely accessed, online journal available at VCG addresses gender issues entangled with race, age, sexuality, (dis)ability, and social class in contexts of visual culture and arts education. The purpose is to promote international dialogue about visual culture and gender. Visual Culture & Gender is indexed with EBSCO, Proquest ARTbibliographies Modern, Feminist Periodicals, and Wilson Database. Call for Papers! Each year since 2006, on September 15th a new volume of VCG is published and September 15th is also the deadline for submission of articles, visual essays, and reviews.

Everyone Welcome. Thursday, March 7, 2013 from 6:00-7:00 pm in the hotel lobby.

Contact Karen Keifer-Boyd at for more information.
We welcome your ideas for process and topic for the 2013 Lobby Session in Fort Worth.

At the WC Lobby session 2010, the 47 participants responded to the question: What is the Image of a Feminist in the Field of Art Education Today? Photos and a transcription of the 2010 session is linked here at About 50 people assembled for dialogue and action at the 2011 WC Lobby Session at NAEA in Seattle. Linked here is a transcription of the 2011 Lobby session. The transcription for the 2012 Lobby Session in response to the question "What do you believe is critical to lobby for in 2012?" will be posted here after review and approval by the more than 60 participants.

Lobby Session: What do you believe is critical to lobby for in 2012?

Women's Caucus Postcard Project at Voices: Leaving the NAEA Convention in 2010, one of the goals the Outreach Coordinators, Caryl Church and Jen Allchin had was to extend the dialogue and connection of Women's Caucus members beyond convention and throughout the year. The Postcard Project is one avenue for creating a dialogue among members and importantly, speaking in our medium: Visual Art. In early January members were mailed a stamped postcard addressed to Outreach Coordinator, Caryl Church. Using one of the following prompts, we asked WC members to create a visual response on the postcard and mail to Caryl. She digitized the postcards and posted them on our WC blog Voices @ We invite everyone to comment on the visual responses and each other's comments. We will continue to upload new postcards. Please contact Caryl at for more information. By exhibiting the postcards online, members and others can use the visual statements as entry points for discussion, response, and reflection. Resources are shared related to the issues raised on the Voices blog. Prompts for the postcards and discussion are:

  1. A time that you experienced feminist pedagogy as teacher or student.
  2. A time when you felt stereotyped or discriminated against because of your gender, race, sexuality, age, abilities, appearance, or creed.
  3. A time when you felt powerless or not in control.
  4. A time when you felt empowered.
  5. A time when you or another you know felt/was violated/threatened.

Lobby session postcard

Click on the image above for a postcard about the 2011 Lobby sesson.


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