National Art Education Association Women's Caucus

Joan L. Davidson

My paintings are inspired by the emotional qualities I sense in the experience I am communicating. As I work, I think about music and dance – how the variety of rhythms, movements and sounds are woven throughout the composition and how the forms, patterns, lines and colors dance within the canvas and speak for me. Awakening #1 & #2, is a diptych that evolved as the world “opened” after a long Covid19 shut down. Each image is full of symbols and forms reaching, bursting, radiating, that suggest blooming, creativity, and awe of nature’s wonders. Natural patterns and exaggeration of dots and spokes create a musical rhythm that dances you around each canvas. statement Soundscape #1 was my response to the vibrating, modulating, powerful sounds of Gongs being played for 45 minutes.
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