National Art Education Association Women's Caucus

Darden Bradshaw

Time is construct, constraint, and content within my work. I love the consistency and comfort of time, yet, in my perceived acceptance I also struggle. 60 minutes can feel both a fleeting moment and an eternity. I have my head down and suddenly discover, a month has passed – or 22 years. In a similar vein, travel holds vestiges of privilege and loss; I am simultaneously enamored of and resistant to routine being upended by the unusual. Anticipation and discovery of the new that travel affords contrasts with dread at leaving the comfort and perceived certainty of home. Yet home, too, is uncertain. Add my deep affinity for the laborious and physically time-intensive nature of working in fibers and time and travel become interwoven as physical manifestation of lived complexities. Woven and hand-felted works become visual journal, albeit less literal and more interpretive – of the linkages between/away/here/and home through time.

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