Survey of Art Educators' Perceptions of and Relationship to Feminism

The purpose of this survey is to learn of art educators' perceptions of and relationship to feminism in their work in the field of art education today. What are the reasons that art educators identify with or reject feminism? What are the differences of ideology and teaching practices between those who consider themselves to be feminists and those who don't?

This survey question was also the focus of the 2010 NAEA WC lobby session, facilitated by Karen Keifer-Boyd, Read Diket, and Joanna Rees, in which current, previous, and future NAEA Women's Caucus (WC) members, as well as those who do not intend to join the NAEA WC, engaged in a dialogue on the meaning, practices, and rejection of feminism in art education. If you missed the 2010 lobby session in Baltimore, a transcript of the lobby session is linked here with permission to publish on the NAEA WC website by participants included on this document. Presentation of the survey findings were at NAEA 2011 in Seattle and are being prepared for publication.

The pool of survey participants included individuals throughout the spectrum of art education including but not limited to pre-service teachers in art education certification programs and/or art education graduate programs in higher education; prek-12 art teachers; museum art educators; art educators, researchers, and administrators in higher education; school district art specialists and administrators; and members of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and the International Society for Education through the Arts (InSEA). The survey closed on July 1, 2010, but is still available to see the questions at

An invitation to participate in the survey questionnaire was distributed online through the NAEA Women’s Caucus website ( and NAEA WC FaceBook page, the journal of Visual Culture & Art Education (, the NAEA higher education, regional, caucuses, and all NAEA listservs; and through the NAEA Student Chapter at

Art Educators Perceptions of and Relationship to Feminism Survey

  1. What is your educational background and highest level of education attained?

  2. What is your job title or brief description of your current or recent employment?

  3. What is your age?

  4. What is your gender?

  5. Have you ever studied gender issues in your educational background? If you answered “yes” please explain the context and institutional setting.

  6. What is a feminist to you?

  7. What does feminism mean to you?

  8. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?

  9. Do you feel the study of feminism and gender is valid in art education?

  10. What gender-related issues would you like to see researchers study in art education?

  11. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your gender?

  12. Have you ever tried to bring attention to gender issues through your pedagogy/research?If, you answered “yes” can you please indicate how gender is incorporated into your pedagogy/research?

  13. Are you a member of NAEA Women’s Caucus or any other gender related lobbying groups/coalitions?

  14. Please draw a picture or submit a jpeg of your image of a feminist.