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Research Reports on Gender Issues in Art Education: This area includes research reports or summaries, which state the research problem or question, articulate the methodology, and present findings in a form that can be influential to policy makers and/or put into practice by art educators. Please click on the panels below for resources.

Research into Praxis: This research is dedicated to feminist theory applicable in K-12 art education.Please click on the panels below for resources

Resources: These are resources helpful in conducting research relevant to the WC mission. Please click on the panels below for resources

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Kay, L., & Ward, A. (2016). Feminist terms and definitions. In National Art Education Association Women’s Caucus. Retrieved from


Please send research reports or summaries, which state the research problem or question, articulate the methodology, and present findings in a form that can be influential to policy makers and/or put into practice by art educators. Submit items to Research Coordinators,Lisa Kay, & Marissa McClure Sweeny for peer blind review for online publication on the WC website.


Call for chapters for the Women’s Caucus Lobby Activism book, which is based on the Lobby themes since 2008. September 1, 2015 is the deadline for 500-word abstracts of proposed chapters. Submit proposals at

Lobby Questions/Prompts:
2015: How do you (re)deSIGN gender codes in your teaching, art, and life?
2014: Speak Truth to Power
2013: What are my personal responsibilities and our collective responsibilities to end violence?
2012: "What do you believe is critical to lobby for in 2012"
2011: "A Time When ... "
2010: "What is the Image of a Feminist in the Field of Art Education Today ?"
2009: "Enacting Change: What We Can Learn From Each Other? "
2008 Collaborative JAE publication: "Vote 2008: What Should an Art Educator Do?"


Click here for schedules and information about upcoming WC events with the NAEA Research Commission, including Webinars.


Zotero ( is a free Firefox plug-in for recording and organizing bibliographic information about Web pages, images, and online journal articles, and bibliographical information not online. Zotero enables export of selected references as a formatted bibliography text file in recognized writing styles such as APA and MLA, or custom reference styles. Zotero is a research tool that leverages the concept of tagging. Zotero can extract key metadata from Web pages and insert them into citations. In addition to collecting metadata, Zotero organizes user-generated information including snapshots, images (e.g., from Flickr), notes, attachments, tagging, and related items. Once the plug-in is installed, the Zotero icon is at the bottom of your browser, easy to access your private entries, as well as to join groups or create a new group.  For a quick start video tutorial go to

Please join the NAEA Women's Caucus group at to collaboratively build a bibliography of research relevant to the NAEA WC mission.


This WC initiative is to develop a Research section on the WC web of multimedia peer-reviewed research and resource publications, as well as to gather and provide resources to conduct research related to the WC mission. If you are interested in serving on the NAEA WC research review board please contact the Research Coordinators,Lisa Kay, & Marissa McClure Sweeny.

We need high profile Women's Caucus scholars to serve as reviewers so that what is produced for the research section of the WC web is quality research, and so that those who produce it can substantiate its merit for career advancement.


This research is dedicated to feminist theory applicable in K-12 art education.

Feminist Art Resources in Education

Judy Chicago Art Education Collection

Judy Chicago on BBC Women's Hour
June 17, 2011 (10 minutes, 24:10-34:00)

Judy Chicago's Participatory Pedagogy Informed by Feminist Principles at

The Dinner Party Curriculum Project at

What's on Your Plate Project

WC Members' Collaboration "Vote 2008: What Should an Art Educator Do?"

Organized by the NAEA Women's Caucus, a group of 16 art educators met at NAEA in New Orleans in 2008 to discuss relevant issues that build on the past, are of the present, and look to the future. This article is published in the July issue of the Journal of Art Education in 2008 (Copyright 2008. Used with permission of the National Art Education Association). See meeting notes!

WC member, Cynthia Ann Bickley-Green, found the Worlds of Childhood and Learning at Ann Raia's "Online Companion to The Worlds of Roman Women"of particular interest for her art education class for elementary education majors. Ann designed a handout to serve as a brief introduction to the site and its possible uses, which is attached as a pdf.

The Feminist Art Project

CALL for Research into Praxis: Submit research dedicated to feminist theory applicable in K-12 art education to the WC Research Coordinators.


These are publications or links helpful in conducting research relevant to the WC mission:

Judy Chicago Art Education Collection

Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being

The Younger Women's Task Force Resources

Women Watch (At this site, the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality provides information on resources on gender equality and empowerment of women)

Global Gender Gap Index (ranks economic participation and opportunity, education attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment)


PLEN (the Public Leadership Education Network)


Sustainable Development in the Gaian Perspective

Women Empowerment Practices

UN Commission on the Status of Women

American National Election Study (ANES) conducted every two years has an "equal roles" question that is useful in the study of attitudes/beliefs about women's rights and the changes in these attitudes over time.

Katie Hogan and Michelle Massé co-edited the collection, Over Ten Million Served: Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces (From the website: "Over Ten Million Served explores what academic service is and investigates why this labor is often not acknowledged as “labor” by administrators or even by faculty themselves, but is instead relegated to a gendered form of institutional caregiving.")

'Standing Still' as Associate Profs (a 2006 survey study of gender differences for women and men in promotion from associate to full professors).

The "Educational Agents For Positive Change" WC session resource is linked here. For the 2011 NAEA WC Board Meeting's theme “Educational Agents for Positive Change” Sheri Klein, Elizabeth Delacruz, and Karen Keifer-Boyd have developed a resource on strategies to develop personal stories as political actions for positive change. We used it as reference during the session. Participants shared stories of concerns, ideas, and solutions in relation to the WC mission of educational agents for positive change.

CALL FOR RESOURCES (Publications or Links) helpful in conducting research relevant to the WC mission. Submit items to the Research Coordinators



This area includes research reports or summaries, which state the research problem or question, articulate the methodology, and present findings in a form that can be influential to policy makers and/or put into practice by art educators.

Click here to read Gendered Spaces: Examples of Feminist Pedagogy, by Linda Hoeptner Poling, Ph.D. (The complete version of this paper appears in M. L. Buffington & S. Wilson McKay (Eds.) Practice Theory: Seeing the Power of Teacher Researchers)

Click here to read A Short History on the Womens' Movement in the United States, by Elizabeth Delacruz and Joanna Rees


Visual Culture & Gender Journal
Visual Culture & Gender (VCG) is online at with its inaugural issue on September 15, 2006. VCG is a scholarly, juried, freely accessible, multimedia, Internet annual journal, supported by the Northern Illinois University College of Visual and Performing Arts. The journal's purpose is to encourage and promote an understanding of how visual culture constructs gender in context with representations of race, age, sexuality, social units, (dis)ability and social class, and to promote international dialogue about visual culture and gender. VCG is also concerned with the learning and teaching processes and/or practices used to expose culturally learned meanings and power relations that surround the creation, consumption, valuing, and dissemination of images, and involves issues of equity and social justice in the learning, teaching, and practice of art.
Submission of Manuscripts: September 15 is the deadline for submission of articles, images, and reviews of books, video/films, performance/actions, Web sites, visual culture, and exhibitions for an annual publication each autumn since 2006. VCG will consider for publication manuscripts that address gender issues in the context of visual culture and arts education. To be considered, manuscripts should be no more than 5000 words in length with an abstract of 150 words. Images are encouraged with manuscripts and should be sent in digital format (jpg, gif, or png) with copyright permission provided. Visual research is encouraged but images must be accompanied by text. Original manuscripts should be prepared according to the APA (6th edition) style. Include in a cover letter that the manuscript is original, not previously published, and not under consideration elsewhere. Please place your name only in the accompanying cover letter and not in the manuscript to facilitate anonymous review. Send the manuscript electronically as an email attachment with .doc extension and your name to Karen Keifer-Boyd at and Deborah Smith-Shank at

Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

Feminist Review Journal

Feminist Studies

Gender & Education Journal

Hecate: Women's Interdisciplinary Journal

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Intersections: Gender, History, and Culture in the Asian Context

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education

Kalliope:A Journal of Women's Literature & Art. (in hiatus since 2008) featured works by noted writers and artists as well as by emerging ones. Kalliope's readership was international. The journal could be purchased in bookstores nationwide or can be read in the libraries of more than 100 colleges and universities around the USA. In addition to the journal, Kalliope sponsored the annual Sue Saniel Elkind Poetry Contest, two writing workshops each month, and an annual event featuring a well-known writer.

Womens Art Journal

Farzaneh: Journal of Women's Studies and Research in Iran and Muslim Countries.


A Conversation with June KingMcFee (35:26 min. video)

Executive producers: Rogena Degge & Kristin Congdon
Production & director: Karen Keifer-Boyd
Copyright 1995, Arts and Administration Program, University of Oregon

Excerpts from the video, A Conversation with June King McFee:

Rogena Degge (1994 interview with June King McFee): "You have given so much to the field. ... You have been so influential over so many years working in the psycho-social aspects of art education and you have influenced thousands of students."

Kristin Congdon (1994 interview with June King McFee): "The video came about as a request from many members of the National Art Education, particularly members of the Women's Caucus. ... It became really important to us, and to the Women's Caucus, that we had some kind of way to communicate to all these other people who have not had these personal experiences with you about who you are and what you have given all of us."


Records of Women's Caucus activities form an impressive archive and resource for research. These resources can be found on this site, and include: