National Art Education Association Womens Caucus

Past Awards Winners

The Kathy Connors Teaching Award honors an outstanding art teacher / educator who is recognized by students, colleagues, and supervisors as someone who consistently inspires and mentors students in a cooperative, collegial, collaborative and nurturing manner.

Award Recipients

2019 Lisa Hochtritt
2018 Courtnie Wolfgang
2017 Kathy Miraglia
2016 Pamela Taylor
2015 Melanie Buffington
2014 No award this year
2013 Craig Roland
2012 No award presented
2011 Patricia M. Amburgy (OH)
2010 Linda Louis
2009 Sheri Klein (WI)
2008 Mary Wyrick (NY)
2007 Barbara Caldwell (IA)
2006 Julia Lindsey (OH)
2005 Karen Keifer-Boyd (PA)
2004 Maryl Fletcher de Jong (OH)
2003 Deborah Smith-Shank (IL)
2002 not awarded
2001 Chisty Park (MD)
2000 (not awarded)
1999* *Year Initiated Kathy Connors (CT)

The McFee Award is given annually to honor an individual who has made distinguished contributions to the profession of art education, and one who has brought distinction to the field through an exceptional and continuous record of achievement in scholarly writing, research, professional leadership, teaching, or community service.

Award Recipients

2018 Sheri R. Klein
2016 Debbie Smith-Shank
2015 Elizabeth Garber (AZ)
2014 Karen Keifer-Boyd (PA)
2013 Christine Ballengee-Morris (OH)
2011 Yvonne M. Gaudelius (PA)
2010 Kristin G. Congdon (FL)
2009 David Burton (VA) & Elizabeth Delacruz (IL)
2008 Patricia Stuhr (OH)
2007 Mary Stokrocki (AZ)
2006 Rita Irwin (BC, Canada)
2005 F. Graeme Chalmers (BC, Canada)
2004 Christine Marmé Thompson (PA)
2003 Mary Ann Stankiewicz (PA)
2002 Amy Brook Snider (NY)
2001 Larry Kantner (MO)
2000 Elizabeth J. Saccà (QC, Canada)
1999 Renee Sandell (MD)
1998 Cynthia Colbert (SC)
1997 Rogena Degge (OR)
1996 Carmen Armstrong (IL)
1995 Karen Hamblen (LA)
1994 Pearl Greenberg (NY)
1993 Alice Schwartz (PA)
Enid Zimmerman (IN)
1992 (not awarded)
1991 Georgia Collins (KY)
1990 Marilyn Zurmuehlen (IA)
1989 John A. Michael (OH)
1988 Frances Anderson (IL)
1987 Diana Korzenik (MA)
1986 Sandra Packard (TN)
1985 Jean Rush (AZ)
1984 Arthur Efland (OH)
1983 Jessie Lovano-Kerr (FL)
1982 Hilda Present Lewis (CA)
1981 Marylou Kuhn (FL)
1980 Helen Patton (NC)
1979 Ruth Freyberger (IL)
1978 Laura Chapman (OH)
1977 Eugenia Oole (MN)
1976 Mary J. Rouse (IN)
Year Initiated June King McFee (OR)

Carrie Nordlund pre-K-12 Feminst Pedagogy Award is designed to honor a person who has made a special effort to incorporate feminist pedagogy into her or his pre-K-12 teaching, and which pre-K-12 art educators, peers, and administrators have recognized as inclusive. The NAEA Women’s Caucus invites nominations for the annual Carrie Nordlund pre-K-12 Feminist Pedagogy Award given in honor of Carrie Nordlund, the first recipient (2002) and highly respected, professionally active art educator who exemplifies a commitment to inclusive, fair, and equitable feminist teaching of art. The recipient of the Carrie Nordlund pre-K-12 Feminist Pedagogy Award is honored at the WC Awards ceremony held at the NAEA Annual Convention in which the awardee is invited to demonstrate or present her or his use of feminist pedagogy in pre-K-12 classrooms.

Award Recipients

2019 Nicole Singer
2018 S.Ukiah Hoy
2017 Deborah Filbin
2016 Patty Bode
2015 Laura Myers
2014 Stephanie Wirt
2013 Stephanie Pickens
2012 Maria Elena Botello Mogas
2011 Nan Waterstreet
2010 (not awarded)
2009 Caryl Rae Church
2008 Christine Gorbach
2007 Heather Bollen
2006 Barbara Peck
2004 (not awarded)
2005 (not awarded)
2003 Laura Baker
*Year Initiated Carrie Nordlund

The Rouse award is given annually to recognize the contributions of an early professional who has evidenced potential to make significant contributions in the art education profession. The award is given in honor of Mary J. Rouse, a highly respected and professionally active art educator, whose untimely death in 1976 deeply affected the art education profession. In recognition of the contributions of an early professional in the field of art education, the Women’s Caucus of the National Art Education Association invites nominations for the annual Mary J. Rouse Award.

Award Recipients

2018 Amelia M. Kraehe and Adetty Perez de Miles
2017 Joni Boyd Acuff 
2016 Michelle-Bae Dimitriadis
2015 Olga Ivashkevich
2014 Lisa Kay
2013 Karen Hutzel
2011 Melanie G. Davenport (GA)
2010 Stephanie Springgay (Toronto)
2009 Marjorie Manifold (IN)
2008 Peg Speirs
2007 Flavia Bastos
2006 Mary Hafeli (MD)
2005 (not awarded)
2004 Kathy Unrath (MO)
2003 (not awarded)
2002 Minuette Floyd (SC)
2001 Yvonne Gaudelius (PA)
1999 Laurie Hicks (ME)
1998 Karen Carroll (MD)
1997 Doug Blandy (OR)
1995 Christine Thompson (IA)
1994 Renee Sandell (MD)
1993 Elizabeth Garber (PA)
1992 Mary Stockrocki (AZ)
1991 Sally Hagaman (IN)
1990 Linda Ettinger (OR)
1989 Kristen Congdon (FL)
1987 Karen Hamblen (LA)
1986 Judith Koroscik (OH)
1985 Enid Zimmerman (IN)
1983 George Geahigan (IN)
1982 Beverly J. Jones (OR)
1981 Phillip C. Dunn (SC)
1980 Marion Jefferson (FL)
*Year Initiated Marianne Suggs (NC)

The Maryl Fletcher de Jong Service Award is given annually to honor an individual in the field of art education who has made noteworthy service contributions to art education as an advocate of equity for women and all people who encounter injustice. This individual contributes outstanding service of community, state, national, or international significance that contributes to eliminating discriminatory gender and other stereotyping practices for individuals and groups.

Award Recipients

2018 Wanda B. Knight
2017 Debra Jean Ambush
2016 Read M. Diket
2015 Vesta Daniel
2014 Cynthia Bickley-Greene
2013 Debbie Smith-Shank
2012 Ruth Starratt
2011 Not awarded
2010 Mary R. Golubieski
2009* Maryl Fletcher de Jong

*Year Initiated

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