National Art Education Association Womens Caucus

Oral Histories

You are invited to record or write text to share with others concerning the history of the Women’s Caucus.

Click here to hear oral histories from NAEA WC past presidents.


Register with VoiceThread at with an email and password, add an image if you’d like. It is free to register and to use VoiceThread.

After you register with VoiceThread, go to or click on the comment button to sign
in the VoiceThread on the WC website.

Click “comment” and then the “record” button to record your voice message.

You can listen to your recording before you decide to save or cancel. If you save it you can also delete it later.

If you have questions email Karen at There are easy to follow instructions at VoiceThread for options to record with your telephone if you do not have a built-in mic in your computer. It takes a few minutes for your icon to show up on this WC history webpage. A refresh to your browser or quit and reopen will be a fast way for your icon to show up for you and others to click on and listen to what you recorded.

Begin your recording with your name, the years you served as WC president (or other WC role), and the date of your recording. Below are some reflective questions to stimulate your memory about your term as WC president (or from your participation in the WC).

Why did you feel it important to serve in this role? (or to be a member of the WC?)

What did you gain/benefit from serving as WC president? (or from participating as a WC member?)

What was your leadership style like in serving as WC president? (or how do you characterize WC leadership from your experience as WC member?)

In what ways did the WC benefit from you serving as WC president? (or from your participation as WC member?)

Can you paint a verbal picture of one of the business meetings or other WC event during your WC presidency term? (or from your participation as WC member?)

What do remember as significant issues and projects that the WC has engaged?

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