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Interactive Café

The Women's Caucus participated in the NAEA Research Commission Interactive Café Chat January 25th through February 1st Event Host: Karen Keifer-Boyd
Title: Feminist Mappings of Situated Knowledges

Description: Karen employs the methods of feminist mapping in order to make visible relationships that foreground questions of intersubjectivity and collective responsibility. A feminist map is predicated on these questions:
What is a power/knowledge matrix?
What does a spatiality of power look like?
What are the relationships between politics of location and knowledge in terms of accountability/responsibility, porousness of inside/outside of the body, and in relation to ideological landmarks? Karen will facilitate an exploration of how visualizing stories of tropes, products, ideologies, and practices can be "maps that mobilize both histories and geographies of power" (Alexander & Mohanty, p. 31) (Alexander, M. J., & Mohanty, C. (2010). Cartographies of knowledge and power: Transnational feminism as radical praxis. In A. L. Swarr & R. Nagar (Eds.), Critical transnational feminist praxis (pp. 23-45). Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.) November 10th through November 16th Event Hosts: Olga Ivashkevich, Lisa Kay, Marissa McClure, and Courtnie Wolfgang
Title: What Does Your Feminist Look Like? Gendered Dialogues

Description: Board members of the NAEA Women's Caucus invite you for a dialogue about gender and justice in art education. Through viewing and discussing feminist art created by Women's Caucus members as well as young people's activist work in the social media and on the Internet, participants will explore the multifaceted ways gender inequalities and stereotypes persist in educational institutions and local communities. We will also share ideas on teaching gender issues in a K-16 classroom. October 19th through October 26th Event Host: Karen Keifer-Boyd
Title: Including Difference

Description: Feminist Disability Studies begins with the assumption that disability is always inextricably linked to other social markers, such as gender, race, sexuality, and social class. Feminist theory is sensitive and attuned to issues of difference. Renowned feminist artist, scholar, and educator, Judy Chicago (2012) described: "Feminist art education begins with each person's individual voice and builds both individual collaborative art-making out of those issues expressed by many different voices" (p. 115). (Chicago, J. (2012). Feminist art education: Made in California. In J. Fields (Eds.), Entering the picture: Judy Chicago, the Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the collective visions of women artists (pp. 101-116). New York, NY: Routledge.) Join NAEA Fellow, Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd who will host a chat event this week on including difference.